Saturday, September 25, 2010

.63 Summer

Title: Colorblind
Genre: Romance, Drama
Characters: Cian Reece, Wilson De Luca, Renee Pratt, Claudio De Luca
Prompt: .63 Summer
Word Count: 582
Rating: PG
Type: series
Summary: The events leading up to why Wilson and Cian were separated
Warnings: kids being kids


15 years earlier…

“Look, Will! A space alien is about to eat you!” Cian pointed with one hand held behind her back.

“What?? Where?!” He whipped around quickly, looking from side to side.

“Sike!” Cian scream, hurling a water balloon at his head. Wilson coughed from deep within his chest as he let the water drip from his arms. It was the last day of summer and also the hottest day of the year but the ice cold water that now drenched his hair and swimming trunks chilled his bones.

“You’re gonna get it now, Cian Reese’s Pieces!” He pointed, tossing water from his hand into her hair.
“You have to catch me first, you chicken burp!” She turned to run away but was caught before she could get too far.

He tickled her to tears, “Stop Will!” She laughed harder.
“Say Uncle!” He continued.
“Ok… ok! Uncle...UNCLE!!” Her giggles continued.

“Can we play house now?” Renee rolled her eyes as she watched the two play. “I’ll be the mommy and you can be my kids!”
“Why do you always get to be the mommy?” Cian whined.
“Cause she’s bossy!”
“Am not!”
“Are too!”
“Am not! Fine… you can be the mommy and the daddy but you have to kiss!”

“Eww! Why? He has boy cooties!” Cian whined.
“No I don’t!”
“Because that’s what mommy’s and daddy’s do.”
“On the lips?” Wilson asked a little excited about it. Most 10 year old boys thought of girls as germs and wanted no parts of them unless it involved pushing them into mud puddles or putting bugs in their hair, but Will always liked girls. When the ladies from his dad’s bank would kiss him on the cheek, he’d enjoy every bit of it and allowed the lipstick imprints to remain on his face until he was forced to wash it off.
“Ok.” He smiled, walking toward the corner of the yard, away from the house windows.
“That’s gross!” Cian followed behind them, still protesting.
“Do you want to be the mommy?” Renee placed her hands on her hips.
“Yes.” Cian mumbled, wiggling her toes in the grass.
“Then kiss!”

They closed their eyes and leaned forward, not sure where to put their hands. Their lips together made a loud smacking sound that caused Renee to giggle. Cian pulled away, her cheeks flushed with a bright pink hue.

“Cian! Renee! Let’s go! Now!” They jumped at the sound of screeching tires and her mother’s angry voice call from the front of the house. Scared they’d been seen kissing, she whipped it off frantically and ran to her mother quickly, “We were just playing mommy! Please can we stay?”
“Get your stuff and let’s go!”
“Viv-” Wilson’s mother began to beg but was interrupted by a finger in her face.
“Don’t you dare!” She backed away, pulling Cian and her friend behind her.

“Wait!” Will ran behind them fighting back tears.
“Bye, Will.” Cian called to him with tears in her eyes has her mother slammed the car door. She sped off, burning the tire’s pattern into the asphalt.

He stood on the curb, watching as the navy blue car disappeared with his best friends in it. A single tear fell from his eye as he lowered his head. “Bye…” Realizing his father was now at his side, he sighed, sniffling and wiping away that stray tear. “Will I see Cian again, Poppa?” He looked up with hopeful eyes.
“I’m sorry, Will, you probably won’t.”
**Special thanks to everyone who encouraged me to go forward with this!


Gayl said...

Screaming with delight! I love it! You have such a way writing from a child's POV it was so real I was giggling!

I feel so bad for these children. They don't understand what drives their families apart.

Fantastic piece of writing Qui! Cannot wait for more.

Aussie Karima said...

~ Great start Qui,but there is only one problem,it has left me wanting more!
~ I need to find out why?

Valpre said...

Wow, I'm so glad you went ahead with this one. Just don't go messing with the neighborhood again.

I love the younger versions of Cian and Will, so carefree and innocent, and happy. I can't wait to hear the explanation for her family's sudden departure.

Qui. said...

Thank you sooooooooo much! I had to step back into my own childhood for that and think og thingsz I would say and how I'd react to someone telling me I'd have to kiss a boy at 10 years old. I also recall having one friend that always had a way of getting up to do what she wanted by being a bossy know it all lol.

I feel bad for them too because they end up losing that innocents to become a part of an adult world full of ignorance!

Being the gifted being you are... I'm sure you know :)
I have two weeks off from my classes starting Wed. so I will have a little more time to work on it. It's coming my dear.. it's coming!

That was the best part of being a kid! Being carefree! Not one worry in the world! It's a sad day when kids can't be kids and have to endure the bs that their parents or the world enforces on them over race.

Thank you for that idea too! I probably wouldn't have started with their childhood but it was a great way to start!

Thank you everyone!

NyGirl said...

I loved the playful childish banter, you did it so well, truly captured the essence of childhood.